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PostSubject: Recruitment   Recruitment I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 26, 2015 7:54 pm

If you are curious about joining IFW join our in game channel "Ice Fire Warriors Pub". We are a corp that is comprised of US and AU tz people. Below are people you should talk to about recruitment.

-PunchBug2142 (US)
-Dracon Darkstar (US)

General (non-EVE) requirements:
1. US & AU TZ preferred. EU TZ pilots are more than welcome to apply, keep in mind that the bulk of our corps are US and AU TZ
2. Minimum Age of 18. We try and keep things mature/tasteful & do not want the drama of having underage people in corp
3. Primary language spoken on coms is English
4. Must have (no exceptions) a working headset and microphone
5. Friendly and respectful attitude. IFW has always had a high-standard in-game, want to keep it what way

EVE Related Requirements (minumim - no exceptions):
1. Minimum Skillpoints 45M - lower SP pilots may still qualify if skills match with alliance doctrines
2. Six months of EVE experience at a minimum. We are NOT a training corp
3. Willing and able to provide killboard links and full APIs prior to acceptance into corp
4. Logistics 5
5. Ability to fly an armor-tanked T3 Cruiser (subsystems to 4)
6. Armor Compensations to 5
7. Mid-grade slave clone within 48 hours of acceptance
8. At least one of the following: Gallente / Amarr / Minmatar battleship 5 + T2 racial large weapons
9. At least one useful alt: scout, booster, hauler, guardian, industry or spy alt
10. Good Source of of in-game income, we do not fly cheap ships
11. JDC 5 on jump capable characters
12. "decent" level of combat experience in EVE on any number of characters. Low-sec preferred

EVE Related Requirements (good to have, not deal breaking if not):
1. Ability to fly a cap on main or alt (dread, FAX or carrier)
2. Gallente, Amarr and Minmatar subsystems to 5
3. Ability to fly Black Ops
4. Non-slave clone for non-armor fleets (halo, snakes, centurions)
5. FC experience (small gang up to captial fleets)

What does IFW offer?
1. Lowsec PVP. From small T3D fleets to capital engagements
2. Limited SRP
3. Fun times and good company

1. Buying of alts and use of skillpoint injectors is not an issue as long as the minimum applications standards are met
2. Former-members of Late Night Alliance please convo an IFW director prior to application
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