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 IFW Application Form

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PostSubject: IFW Application Form   IFW Application Form I_icon_minitimeWed May 04, 2016 4:57 pm

Section I: About You (non-Eve stuff)

1.- Where are you located?

2.- How old are you?

3.- Do you have a microphone and headset?

4.- What language can you speak?

5.- Describe yourself in a haiku.

6.- Upon acceptance, you will be required to sing for the corp & alliance. What song would you like to perform?

Section II: General Eve Stuffs

1.- What timezone do you usually play in? How much do you play during an average week?

2.- What corp are you applying to and why?

3.- How long have you been playing EVE?

4.- Who is your MAIN and how many skillpoints do you have? Please provide eveboard link and zkillboard link as well.

5.- List any additional useful (scout, booster, hauler, guardian, industry - spy alts please PM Punchbug2142 and Pel Ukken) & link eveboard.

6.- Are any of these characters bought?

7.- What are your skill training plans on your main and alts for the next couple months?

8.- Are you comfortable with having negative sec-status and piracy in general?

9.- How do you make ISK?

10.- What are your mid-term and end-game goals for EVE?

Section III: Specific EVE Questions

1.- What are your top five favorite ships to fly in-game? Why?

2.- Do you have a slave clone or are you willing to buy a mid-grade + omega upon acceptance?

3.- Do you own a capital and/or supercapital? Which ones?

4.- Tell us about your EVE life up to this point (couple sentences) highlighting major alliances and accomplishments

5.- Have you ever FC'd a fleet? If yes, describe your FC experience.

6.- Why should we accept your application?

7.- What date & time would be best for an quick 5 minute interview on comms?

8.- Please provide fits (eft or image) and a short description on its use for the following:
  a) a solo ship
  b) small gang (shield or armor) ship
  c) a ship that would fit in with a lowsec/elite pvp armor doctrine
  d) combat battleship
  e) a dread/carrier/fax
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IFW Application Form
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